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The Astrochemistry Seminar Series is jointly sponsored by the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Astronomy, and financially supported by the National Science Foundation through a grant to the McCall group.

The intention of the series is to bring in world-class researchers in the interdisciplinary area of astrochemistry, and also to bring together the faculty and students of the two departments to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas.

2009-2010 SCHEDULE

November 17, 2009 Dr. Holger Kreckel University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
December 8, 2009 Prof. Veronica Bierbaum University of Colorado at Boulder
March 16, 2010 Dr. Paul Goldsmith Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech
April 20, 2010 Prof. Peter Sarre University of Nottingham

2008-2009 SCHEDULE

December 9, 2008 Prof. John Lacy University of Texas at Austin
April 28, 2009 Dr. Harvey Liszt National Radio Astronomy Observatory
June 17, 2009 Prof. Ewine van Dishoeck Leiden Observatory and Max Planck Institute, Garching

2007-2008 SCHEDULE

November 14, 2007 Prof. Martin Head-Gordon University of California at Berkeley
November 27, 2007 Prof. Neal J. Evans II University of Texas at Austin
February 19, 2008 Dr. Xander Tielens NASA Ames Research Center

2006-2007 SCHEDULE

August 30, 2006 Prof. Adolf Witt University of Toledo
October 3, 2006 Prof. John Black Chalmers Institute of Technology
November 1, 2006 Prof. David Neufeld Johns Hopkins University
December 5, 2006 Dr. Michael McCarthy Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
January 30, 2007 Dr. Scott Messenger NASA Johnson Space Center
February 21, 2007 Prof. John Maier University of Basel
March 13, 2007 Prof. Xander Tielens Kapteyn Institute & NASA Ames
April 25, 2007 Prof. Ian Sims University of Rennes

2005-2006 SCHEDULE

September 7, 2005 Prof. Geoffrey Blake California Institute of Technology
October 11, 2005 Prof. Eric Herbst Ohio State University
October 26, 2005 Dr. Lou Allamandola NASA Ames Research Center
November 15, 2005 Prof. Takeshi Oka University of Chicago
January 25, 2006 Prof. Ted Bergin University of Michigan
February 28, 2006 Prof. Robert McMahon University of Wisconsin, Madison